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          Virtualization is the key to current IT demands. Sharing the same hardware resources (most of the time under used), virtualization has dramatically reduced IT costs but also it has increased the overall efficiency. Nowdays, the business units needs rapid access to IT resources in order to support faster time-to-market. Our virtualization has been built on the same cloud infrastructure present in all our services. We are offering a wide range of virtualizations (with shared and dedicated resources) with fast, secure and dedicated tools.

CLOUDPOINT is our cloud brand. Check out our cloud virtualization offers here


  • - Flexible cloud infrastructure supports rapid application deployment, dynamic resource pooling, elastic scalability;
  • - Self-programmable infrastructure that dynamically configures and reconfigures the environment according to changing application demands;
  • - Built-in security;
  • - High availability through dual network management - each server has multiple networks attached. When the primary network is unavailable the switch to the second network is done automatically;
  • - High availability storage cluster - we are using a heartbeat private network connection, which is used to monitor the health and status of each node in the cluster, and decide in real time which node will be used without any downtime even one from the storage nodes is broken;
  • - Performant equipments - Intel, Cisco, HP, IBM;



Our corporate expertises recommend us as a serious partner for all the companies which need professional IT services. We are providing managed services covering a wide range of programming languages, applications, solutions and hardware needs through our data center.


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INFOSYS values are the foundation of our infrastructure built for delivery the excellence in IT industry. There are the guidance for our professional people to deliver innovation, trust, customer satisfaction. Come and descover yourself.


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Quality and time to market. Our main mission is your success. Is your delivery speed based on our expertises and commitment. Is a long relationship between two partners sharing the same vision and objectives.


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