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Do more with less


          Due to geographical position, Eastern Europe member of European Community since 2007, and also due to cultural approaches with Western Europe and USA, Romania has become in the last decade one of the most professional destinations for big companies who settled here global development centers. Thousands of high skilled professionals are hunted every day by all the companies around this place for delivering the entire range of IT Services including the outsourcing mainly due to:

  • - Budget flexibility and control - cost reduction, cost savings, control projects costs
  • - Access to an experienced team - direct access to highly skilled resources without any investment
  • - Access to technological expertise - direct access to proven experience of outsourced teams
  • - The opportunity to deliver quality services to clients without investment in a more expensive in-house development
  • - Increased Project Management Capabilities - a software comany understands and utilizes project management principles
  • - Strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise - you benefit from professional people, being able to choose the persons to work with


Industry Delivery Roles

          INFOSIS, based on its professionals, is able to perform a lot of specific IT roles such as:

  • - Software Project Manager
  • - Software TEAM Leader
  • - Software Developer
  • - Tester
  • - Application Support and Maintenance
  • - Software Integrator



Our corporate expertises recommend us as a serious partner for all the companies which need professional IT services. We are providing managed services covering a wide range of programming languages, applications, solutions and hardware needs through our data center.


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INFOSYS values are the foundation of our infrastructure built for delivery the excellence in IT industry. There are the guidance for our professional people to deliver innovation, trust, customer satisfaction. Come and descover yourself.


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Quality and time to market. Our main mission is your success. Is your delivery speed based on our expertises and commitment. Is a long relationship between two partners sharing the same vision and objectives.


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