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Our main datacenter in located in Ploiesti, 60km north from Bucharest, Romania. It has the following facilities:

  • - Multiple bandwidth guaranteed internet connections from different suppliers;
  • - Temperature and humidity control through our HVAC system;
  • - Independent power supply;
  • - Professional UPCs for each rack;
  • - Multiple security systems;
  • - Professional hardware and infrastructure;



We are providing a full range of servers equipped with Intel processors (XEON, i3, i5, i7, Pentium, DualCore), network equippments from Cisco (routers, siwtches with management). Our main storage has 2 active nodes linked in cluster. Each server has 16-32GB RAM and connection the main storage is done through 4 independent networks.



All the infrastructure is 365/24/7 monitored from multiple points (internal and external). Technical support is present 24h per day in the data center. Data security and integrity is maintained by our main storage plus an external one for geographical distribution.


CLOUDPOINT is our cloud brand. Check out services here





Our corporate expertises recommend us as a serious partner for all the companies which need professional IT services. We are providing managed services covering a wide range of programming languages, applications, solutions and hardware needs through our data center.


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INFOSYS values are the foundation of our infrastructure built for delivery the excellence in IT industry. There are the guidance for our professional people to deliver innovation, trust, customer satisfaction. Come and descover yourself.


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Quality and time to market. Our main mission is your success. Is your delivery speed based on our expertises and commitment. Is a long relationship between two partners sharing the same vision and objectives.


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